Community Emergency Planning

Safeguarding Adults - Level One eLearning Module (PVI)

Shared Lives Carers...

Special Educational Needs and Disability

Armed Forces Covenant E-learning

East Riding of Yorkshire Council - Induction V2 Test

  • Teacher: Richard Hardwick

Equality & Diversity Training

Module Testing

Passport to Procurement

Weclome to the Managing Your Future Programme - Programme Under Development

  • Teacher: Sallie Melton

Winter Operations for Operatives (2017)

  • Teacher: Tony Ali
  • Teacher: Ivan McMaster
  • Teacher: Maureen Ward

Workforce Challenges

  • Teacher: carol proud

Workforce Planning

  • Teacher: Jason Peacock
  • Teacher: carol proud
  • Teacher: jo shores

Workplace Drugs and Alcohol New Version

360 Appraisals

Digital Skills Assessments

Personal Learning Journal


Code of Conduct

  • Teacher: Richard Hardwick

Data Protection and Security 2018

Environmental Management System

  • Teacher: Jackson Sage

Equality Act 2010 (V2.0)

Equality in the Workplace (V2.0)

Freedom of Information Act

ICT Security and Cyber Crime Awareness

Information Security and Government Connect (GCSX) (2018)


  • Teacher: Susanne Gray
  • Teacher: Jayne Mailer

Records Management

Display Screen Equipment and Workstation Training (2018)

Fire Safety (2018)

Introduction to Health and Safety (2018)

Office Safety

Computer Basics

Council IT Policies

IT Governance eInformation

The Internet

Windows 7

Change Management

CMS 22 - Module 4

  • Teacher: Jayne Hutton-Ellis


Foundation in Management Practice Cohort 23

Foundation in Management Practice Cohort 24

Foundation in Management Practice Cohort 25

Introduction to Leadership Practice Cohort 1

JHE - CMS Test

  • Teacher: Jayne Hutton-Ellis

Managing Others - Effective Delegation and Planning

MSc in Public Management (Cohort 3)

  • Teacher: tina tate

Training and Development For Managers

A Guide to the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS)

Category: Safeguarding

Friends Against Scams

Category: Safeguarding

Mental Capacity Act - Module 1

Category: Safeguarding

Mental Capacity Act - Module 2

Category: Safeguarding

Mental Capacity Act - Module 3

Category: Safeguarding

Mental Health Awareness (2018-1)

Category: Safeguarding

Prevent - East Riding of Yorkshire Prevent, Referrals and Channel eLearning Modules [Signpost]

Category: Safeguarding

Safeguarding Level One (V3.0)

Category: Safeguarding
  • Teacher: Abigail Appleby
  • Teacher: Lyn Graham

Assert Yourself

Communicating Change

Emotional Intelligence

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Managing Yourself and Your Time

Mangement Assistant Learning and Development Programme

Meeting Skills

Personal Resilience

Presentation Skills (V2.0)

Self Development

Writing a CV

Strengths-Based Approach in Social Care Toolkit

Basic Autism Awareness

Preparing for Adulthood

Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND)

Trans Awareness (V2.0)

Signs of Safety Introduction

  • Teacher: Louise Copley

Social workers in training induction

Social workers in training social wall